Facility Site Surveys

When we perform comprehensive Facility Surveys, we take pictures and collect information so that the appropriate decision makers can view, sort and analyze the information on-line using eView®. During these surveys, we ask questions of site managers, prepare reports, take pictures of areas such as parking lots landscaping, docks, signs, interior lighting, safety hazards, and much more.

Each Facility Survey program is uniquely tailored based on an individual client basis. Because the type of information we collect and the methodology by which this data is obtained and customized for each client, our team of Program Specialists works with our clients to determine and structure the proper combination of services to achieve their goals.

We are confident in the quality and value of our Facility Survey solutions which is why we offer interested firms the opportunity to try them for free. To learn more, schedule a demonstration, or to try our services for free, click here or call 800.321.8875 to talk to a FacilityConnect® Program Specialist.