Facility Audits

FacilityConnect® conducts high quality Facility Audits in order to measure and determine if facility items or building areas comply with existing standards. For example, our Field Specialists report on the annual maintenance status of fire extinguishers and then upload related reports and pictures of outdated tags to eView®.

Our Audit service is tailored to each individual client. We customize the type of information we collect and the methodology by which this data is obtained. During the "Service Engagement Process" our team of Program Specialists works with our clients to determine and structure the proper combination of services to achieve their goals.

We are confident in the quality and value of our Facility Audit solutions which is why we offer interested firms the opportunity to try them for free. To learn more, schedule a demonstration, or to try our services for free, click here or call 800.321.8875 to talk to a FacilityConnect® Program Specialist.